Social and Emotional Learning at Fellowship Farm:

• Youth become aware of their emotions in the moment and develop an effective vocabulary to express them.

Social Awareness
• Learning to understand what others are feeling and to share their perspective allows youth to interact positively with many kinds of people.

• Youth learn to monitor their behavior and regulate their reactions. Delaying gratification and perservering through setbacks, youth improve their focus on the task at hand.

Relationship Building
• With skills to build and sustain relationships, youth learn to make healthy choices among friends and avoid risky and inappropriate behaviors.

Decision Making and Goal-Setting
• Youths' decisions need to be made with a full understanding of the contexts and consequences of their actions. Youth transcend the negative circumstances of their surroundings by focusing on their school and life goals.

Youth Programs

Prevention Skills for Youth

Many of our young people involved in violence, drugs or alcohol, or premature sex, lack adequate support and direction. We know, however, that there is a leader waiting to come out in every "troublemaker." Our facilitators surround them with loving attention. With high expectations, they encourage young people's capacity to believe in themselves. Our experiential learning modules can bring them to new levels of confidence and achievement. Fellowship Farm has seen enduring impact in our work with the many young people who have stayed in touch with us over the years.

Peer Mediation

We offer a comprehensive dispute resolution process to address conflicts arising from school atmosphere, neighborhood climate and personal interactions. This peer mediation program will help your school address the negative consequences of persistent conflict. Peer mediation offers an integrated, systemic approach that empowers individuals to deal with conflict and its related stress in constructive, nonviolent ways.

To implement a program at your school, we train 16-20 students and 5 faculty/staff members in your community in the theory and practice of peer mediation. We then provide on-going consultation services for the successful limplementation of the peer mediation program.

Peer mediation training is a 24-hour course. It can take place over a period of weeks at your site, or in a concentrated retreat at Fellowship Farm.

In a study of 45 Philadelphia schools, researchers report that students involved in conflicts who chose to go to mediation resolved their disputes in 90% of the cases. In the same study, young people reported that that mediation provided a legitimate vehicle for resolving conflicts while allowing them to "save face."

Youth Leadership Upstanders not Bystanders Anti-Bullying Program

A full day or overnight profram for middle and highschool students that provides anti-bullying skills at Fellowship Farm.

The purpose of this program is to provide students, with teacher and parent support, insights and skills to help them move their peers and school climate from a passive, Bystander response and to strengthen the norm in which students and their adult allies can consistently be proactive and successful in supporting an Upstanders school climate.

After students return from this program, we provide virtual and in-person follow-up support to help students and their adult allies implement positive and sustainable improvement back in their school and community.

Citizens of Change

A program to promote young people's leadership for civic engagement. The exercises focus on developing the individual, group and community values needed to promote social change. The Citizens of Change program takes a full day. Ideally, it should be followed closely by a day of Service Learning. We want the youth to connect the values clarification and reflection they do at Fellowship Farm with their experience of service in the community. The theoretical framework and application models for this program were developed at UCLA and at St. Norbert College, DePere, Wisconsin.

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