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Parent Involvement Programs
through Fellowship Farm

Families are critical in the development of children. It is understandable that when overstressed and struggling parents falter, children suffer. Twenty years of educational research have shown that student school failures are highly correlated with a lack of parental involvement. And when students fail, we all pay the social and economic costs.

That's why Fellowship Farm offers programs to:

  1. focus the family on its role in children's development.

  2. enhance skills for family communication around homework.

  3. encourage families to develop their strengths to better help their children succeed.

Our facilitators lead programs of academically-enriching games and activities that keep the family having fun, while learning new skills.

  • Building Family Strengths is an 11-session curriculum focused on developing assets that every family can strengthen, such as humor, optimism, unity and resiliency, which will help the children and family succeed.

  • Family Camp is a light-hearted weekend experience for parents or guardians and children to share in together. The goal of the program is to build parents' and children's commitments to one another through having fun together. The weekend can be experienced independently, or as a climax of the 11-session curriculum.

  • Both programs stress Academic Enrichment Adventures: Math – Number Relay; English – ABC Ball, Alphabet Race, Pressure Nouns; Science – Wilderness Scavenging; Family Astronomy; Social Studies – Family Memory Book, Draw What's in Your Community?


Please call Fellowship Farm @ 610-326-3008, to learn how our program can be adapted to the children and families you serve.

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