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We are a human relations resource for your school, non-profit agency or company. We can provide training programs at your location or at Fellowship Farm.

Our conflict and crisis prevention, anti-bullying, diversity and inclusion, ethical leadership and team-building programs for youth and adults are tailored to meet your specific goals and target audience, and have been recognized by schools, community groups and businesses for innovation, positive engagement, skill based application and post-program impact.

Our program for families focus on building and expanding relationships of open and caring communication, respect and trust through fun-filled experiential activities that provide participants with skills they can positively apply back at home.

Costs are determined by the length of the program, ranging from a half-day to a week. Orientation and follow-up at your location are included at no additional cost.

Please call 610-326-3008 or e-mail info@fellowship-farm for details.


David Tulin Explains FF Program Options

Key Farm Programs for Youth and Adults

Adventures in Harmony
A cross-cultural Conflict Resolution, respect, Prejudice, Reduction program for Faculty, Parents & Students
Upstanders Not Bystanders
Anti-Bullying/Prejudice/Violence Skills & Back at School Application-Staff & Students
Drug Resistors
Peer Resistance and Leadership Development for Middle and High School Students
Ethical Leadership
For Adults and Youth
Experiential Team Leadership Development
For Application back at school or work for adults and youth
Experiential Family Relationship Enrichment
For separate or combined generations putting "family first"
Diversity & Inclusion Excellence to Advance Oragnizational Values, Bottom Line Goals & Business Strategies
Immersive Youth & Family Health & Resilience Experience
Family Camp
Week-long intergenerational experience with a track record of positive personal and family transformation
Using Outdoor Adventure & Nature Programming To Improve Individual * Team Relationships & Effectiveness Combating Personal and Social Stigmas
Open to those who have and/or are social stigma targets
Unlearning "Isms"
Positive, authentic, safeyet-challenging personal & professional growth, experience & skills-based 3-day program
Levaraging Staff & Student Individual & Group Differences to Advance Educational Excellence
Keep Kids Safe
For teachers, parents, youth and children, focusing on risk awareness & physical and emotional safety skills application
Challenge Rope Course Training for Individual and Group Collaboration, Safety and Courage


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