Capitalizing on Diversity
Building Competencies for Diverse Organizations

What are the skills and behaviors necessary for a truly diverse organization to succeed?

Fellowship Farm has identified 15 research-based behaviors that are the essential diversity competencies for your employees. These are the deliverables that we promise you.

Through role-plays, simulations and small-group discussions, our diverse team of experienced trainers will ensure that your employees get a chance to practice and feel comfortable with these behaviors, which are essential to a well-functioning organization.

As more people in your workforce feel competent in managing relationships with diverse people in the company and client population, employee satisfaction and productivity will rise.

Invest in your company's human capital, to enhance your bottom line, and invest in our region's social capital, to enhance our common good. Either way, you'll be capitalizing on diversity.

*Linnehan, F., Chrobot-Mason, D., & Konrad, A. (2006). Diversity attitudes and norms: The role of ethnic identity and relational demography. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 27: 419-442

Download the 15 research-based behaviors (PDF)

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