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Building Inclusive School Communities

School environments function best as inclusive communities, where all are open to learning from one another. At a time when we are struggling to erase the achievement gap between groups of students, we need to remember that raising achievement happens in an open environment, where relationships between all people are highly valued and there is true social integration.

Fellowship Farm offers consultation and programming directed at all levels of a school district.

  • We help administrators to model practices of community-building and set the tone for what happens in schools.

  • We help teachers to process their experiences of the cultural dynamics in their classrooms and faculty rooms, and thus learn to build better relationships with each other and with all students.

  • We offer tools to help adults and young people understand cultural differences and communication styles, so these are no longer experienced as threatening.

  • We offer tools to confront stereotypes, the inaccurate and oppressive ideas that groups sometimes hold about one another. When teachers and students understand that stereotypes oppress and separate people from one another, they can take steps toward creating an environment where all feel supported, so that truly inclusive community can emerge.

  • We offer a positive approach to developing cultural proficiency skills.

Different ethnic groups interacting and making friends

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