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Community Dialogues for Action and Change

Before we can take action together on many of the crucial issues in our society, we need to be able to work effectively in coalition with one another. The building of coalitions is hampered, however, when people of different racial and economic backgrounds or sexual orientations do not feel welcomed in the leadership circles of their communities. In order to broaden these circles, we may first need to tackle uncomfortable subjects and build up our comfort level with one another in discussing them.

Fellowship Farm's approach provides a safe way to promote community dialogue. Using materials created by organizations such as the Study Circles Resource Center and The Southern Poverty Law Center, we can help community leaders come together around an issue, such as ending racial steering in real estate practices, or an issue-oriented discussion series, such as Facing Racism in A Diverse Nation.

Two girls of different ethnicity becoming friends

After attending a Fellowship Farm facilitated conference on fair housing in Reading, PA, a participant from elsewhere wrote, "I'd love your organization to come to our city to put on such a program."
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